A bachelor’s apartment should be stylish and showcase the owner’s interest. Such a result can be achieved without breaking the bank, mainly because these apartments are usually small and you have less to work in the first place. As is the case with designing most small rooms, what you need to do is pick only a few accent pieces and make the most out of them. Otherwise, the apartment will seem overcrowded if you try to do too much at once.

A simple palette

The most important feature that will determine the overall mood of the apartment is its color palette. You should go with simple and understated color choices not to overshadow the actual furniture and décor pieces. It’s best to stick with a two-color design. Gray and blue palette is an exciting choice that will allow you to explore modern and minimalistic furniture. Also, they won’t let the apartment appear to be dull and monochromatic. This goes for both the furniture and walls, so you need to pay special attention when choosing the palette for large items such as sofas and rugs.


Display your art

It’s often difficult to decide what to do with large, blank spaces on the walls. A bachelor’s apartment could be a bit extrovert and try something more outlandish than family homes would. Dedicate one wall to your art collection and don’t worry too much about how it mixes and matches together. This will be more of a conversation piece than a decoration piece, and it should have a prominent place in the apartment. The key is to do it only once so that it looks like an intentional choice and not just an overcrowded wall.


Media room

It may seem like bachelor’s apartments are too small to have a media room, but this could be mitigated by using the right technology. For instance, using the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay M5 multi-room speakers from minidisc.com.au to amplify ordinary devices such as iPods or laptops can compensate for a small space. The same goes for hanging your TV on the wall and thus hiding it a bit with a wireless set up. TVs take up too much room, and you should keep your technology close and useful but not let it dominate the room.


Light and bright

If the apartment is small and crowded, make sure the lighting is bright and chosen based on how you use the space. If there’s nothing you can do about extra windows (which is often the case), you should focus on task lights. Task lights are smaller lights spread across the room and used where you need them the most. Living rooms could benefit from these lights around the sofa more than they would from an abundant overhead light.


Large furniture

In the end, when choosing the furniture for a small room, you should add some statement pieces. That way, they become striking accent pieces, and they distract from the size of the apartment itself. However, it’s important to choose the color and the design carefully since the size will draw attention to itself. You don’t want the furniture to become too loud and too noticeable right away. It’s best if you have an overall tone for the room before purchasing individual pieces of furniture and décor.



There are many ways to make a small bachelor’s apartment into a stylish home. The key is to use the space you have to your advantage and to have an extended plan.