Whether you’re a solo player in the real estate world, or you run an entire agency under your wing, the upcoming months can make or break your business depending on the strategic steps you take to bring more clients to your door. With the growing need for real estate everywhere across the globe, you have the opportunity to build up your brand, stand out in the real estate crowd, and inspire more clients to trust you with their real estate needs. It doesn’t matter if your focus is on residential or commercial buildings, renovating homes and selling them for a profit, or if you’re building a mixed portfolio. The simple truth is, the market is rapidly evolving thanks to numerous digital trends, and it’s time to embrace these changes to bring your business at the forefront of the market. Here’s what you should do!

Build a referral system

Your competitors have the potential to be your partners, while insurance companies and other related businesses can serve as an extension of your efforts when someone is looking for or selling a property you’d be interested in. That way, if an agent comes across an interested client looking into a property in your area, they can refer them to you, and vice versa, further establishing your presence, and increasing your lead generation efforts.

Network regularly

An old but gold rule of thumb, still relevant in this digital day and age – you need to visit local networking events whenever you can. Consider setting up a presentation, a workshop, a lecture, whatever might be suitable, so that you can do more than exchange business cards. customers

Create a stellar website

Although you’ll definitely need to work on evolving your personal presentation, body language, and your pitch, more often than not, the very first point of contact for many of your customers will be your digital presence. That’s why you should create and refine your website to provide a sleek experience, pages that are simple to use and easy to navigate, a portfolio of your work, and testimonials from your previous satisfied clients. customers

Set up virtual tours

Now that you know that visuals are the key to your business appeal, it’s time to utilize the full power of digitalization. For example, virtual tours can help customers that just don’t have the time to visit every residence they might be interested in. It saves time for you and them, and it allows you to retain their interest when they’d be more inclined to leave the purchase for later. customers

Focus on visual content

Since your work focuses on selling an experience rather than a simple possession, your content strategy should consist of more than just lengthy articles. In recent years, with our lives getting more hectic than ever, real estate professionals have started using:
  • infographics
  • brochures
  • photography
  • other visual content formats to attract new leads.
Working with agencies such as Infostarters can benefit realtors by helping them craft branded, eye-catching content to attract more clients, educate them, and build up a more prominent presence. Also, this will help you become a trusted figure in this industry, answer relevant questions, draw attention to vital statistics, and become the go-to realtor in your region. customers

Invest in SEO

Every single agent has a preferred region of operation. What that means for your business online is that you need to let search engines and your customers know where you operate and what kind of property you work with. That is only possible with proper search engine optimization, which includes:
  • link-building
  • keyword optimization
  • consistent NAP information across all listings
  • posting regular content updates relevant for your audience.
Being at the top of the SERPs will allow you more visibility, more website traffic, and ultimately better-qualified leads in your pipeline. customers

Pay attention to your social media

The bottom line is, you sell your services to people. If they’re not impressed with you as an agent, they’ll likely turn to a competitor with ample information online. One of the simplest and most effective ways to connect with potential customers, build up your reputation, and increase engagement and interest would be to spend more time on social networks. Use these platforms to post your success stories, tips and tricks unique to your niche and your opinion on the latest news in the real estate market. customers


Although specific strategies take time to take effect, you can only expect to see results if you consistently invest time and energy into an approach that your market appreciates. Keep learning about your customers and their changing behavior, always update your digital presence, and of course, don’t take your competition lightly. Use these tips to stay ahead of the game.