Have you always wanted an inviting, comfortable outdoor living area where you could just unwind any time you like? If the answer is “Yes”, then you need to start thinking about a lovely outdoor spa that will be the perfect little escape from a hectic lifestyle. Create a spa getaway for yourself, your family and friends, with the help of a few tips that we’ve prepared for you.

Create privacy

If you’ve decided to create an outdoor spa getaway, you must consider a few options for enclosing your yard and preventing your neighbors or random passers-by to look into your yard while you’re resting. Think about adding a touch of greenery and have a trellis, a pergola or an arbor with growing vines create a perfect shade. Not only will your yard look lovely, but it’ll also have wonderful scents of lilacs, jasmine or gardenia spreading through the air. Use shade sails or hanging curtains around your covered patio, to block the view from various sides. A summer house, yurt or a gazebo will create a true ambiance for at-home spa treatments, so if you decide to have a massage table or a backyard hot tub, think about a covered patio.


Get an outdoor spa pool

You can’t have a true spa getaway without an outdoor spa pool. A modern 2-person outdoor spa will offer you comfort while letting you unwind and enjoy a true resort-like living in your home. Thanks to a relaxing hot bath, you’ll de-stress in a matter of minutes, and have a good night sleep. If money is not an object, consider building a Roman bath or hammam (Turkish steam bath), and gather all your friends for a bath and steam, to indulge together just like the Romans and Turks did back in the day. Furthermore, adding a sauna would be another amazing feature that’ll provide you with various benefits.


Invest in a massage table

Don’t you like the idea of going to the spa every time you need a massage? Well, if you invest in a massage table, you won’t have to walk further than a few feet to get a nice deep massage. Forget about rushing home after a glorious treatment, but lie down and unwind for as long as you like after your massage therapist has finished their work. Not only will a massage table be used for full body massages, but for body wraps, at-home facials, and various other spa treatments. A patio sofa is another handy addition to your spa getaway, so if you’re not on a budget, bring one to your outdoor spa to have a place to rest and relax until your clay mask dries.


Set the mood

If you want to make the at-home spa experience even more pleasurable, think about keeping fresh or dry herbs and essential oils on hand if you ever wish to add some natural scents to your bath. To be able to enjoy your lovely spa at night as well, install appropriate lighting. Spotlights and solar lights are the perfect choices for creating soft and romantic ambiance. Soft lighting will create a relaxing mood, while soothing scented candles will help you create a true Zen-like feel in your own backyard. If you don’t want to think about the wind blowing out your candles, invest in flameless LED candles that will create an equally desired atmosphere. You couldn’t imagine a relaxing spa without some comforting tunes, so think about getting waterproof and floating speakers and music players.


Having a spa getaway in your home is a great way to offer yourself and your family a nice little retreat in the comfort of your very own backyard. Forget about spending hours on your way to a spa salon and back, but use that time to refresh and recharge in your home.