Overcoming your moving fears before they get you in a lot of trouble is essential! But, how can you really do this, the right way? The answer – be positive you avoid the following mistakes.

Here are the things you certainly need to avoid, to have a smooth move…

Mistakes you need to avoid when moving!

moving real estateWe can all agree that changing homes and carrying all your stuff from one place to another implies a lot of stress and work. But, have you mastered the perfect plan? What about a back-up plan? In order to diminish the chances of failure, here are some of the mistakes you need to make sure will not be part of your transition.

  • Not researching your moving company

Knowing more about the ones who will carry all your belongings might be something obvious to do, however, surprisingly or not – there are many enthusiastic newbie owners out there who forget to research their moving company and they choose it only based on their price. So, if you want to lower your stress level during the moving day, the first thing you should do is to find out whether or not they are licensed by the State Department of Transportation! This can actually point out the info that you need to decide…

  • Not measuring the furniture

Taking precautionary measures before the moving day is critical. Think about it – what else can you do if you see that your bed or any other piece of furniture or appliance, won’t fit through the door of your new home? What then? To avoid such unfortunate situations, you need to carefully take measurements and figure a way in…

  • Not planning your packing time right

Packing might actually take longer than you initially guess! Therefore, moving specialists advise you to start packing your things with some time in advance; you might stumble upon problems you have never thought about. At first sight – this might sound simple, but is it really?

  • Not labelling your boxes

You want to move smarter, not harder, right? Then, do things like you are really supposed to. In order to diminish your chances of creating, even more, chaos in your life – label your boxes, you need to point out the room they belong to and some handling instructions too! This might actually come in handy not just for you, but for your movers too.

  • Overspending on packing boxes

Try to avoid overspending on packing boxes, as there are plenty of other unexpected costs you have to deal with. You’ll thank yourself later on… Have you thought about using newspaper or empty boxes? You can usually find them free of charge. With this being said – you just have to plan your move thoroughly to make sure you’ll spend a small amount of money after all!

In order to avoid these common pitfalls, it’s always advisable to have a plan of attack that you can stick to! Find the middle ground, and prior to the moving day, have everything ready. Don’t let unsolved things at the last minute because you’ll probably have other, more important things to deal with, on that particular day… Good luck!