If you are too one of those enthusiastic buyers who want to buy a property in 2016, then it seems like it will be a great year to take the plunge. Why? Due to a variety of reasons that we’ll discover together. Hint: It seems that they all result in perfect buying conditions, let’s see if this is true!

Even though this decision might seem to be nerve-racking, try to detach yourself and seize the real opportunity. As real estate specialists state, this might actually be the chance everyone was looking for…

2016 is the perfect year to buy a property!

If your New Year Resolution included buying a new house, then chances are luck is on your side – your dreams might actually come true. Why? Well, indicators point out that the real estate market in 2016 is going to be a more stable and more balanced market.

But, let’s take them step by step and analyze the top 3 reasons why you should consider 2016 as the best moment to purchase a new property.

  • Home prices stabilize

Home buyers seem to get lucky this year, as home price trends stabilize. No more ups and downs, and no more sudden price rise, this is what everyone expects in the current year.

The present state of the market points out that price fluctuations won’t be so important; more and more sellers take the beginning of the year as a great chance to make their move and find a suitable buyer. Why not take on the excitement to be a homeowner too?

  • Rents seem to rise

Probably one of the reasons that motivated renters until now not to apply for a loan was the fact that rents were more affordable compared to mortgage loans. However, this seems to change now, as in some markets, rents get to be equal to paying a monthly mortgage or even higher.

With this in mind, there is no doubt why more and more buyers take advantage of this chance to jump in. Finally, it can make sense for renters too…

how to buy a property

  • More listings

Having the opportunity to get rid of a monthly rent might push more and more eager buyers to pull out their lucky card and defeat their fear of a huge financial decision. For the first time in years, the number of both real estate sellers and buyers seem to rise. Great, right?

The more listings on the market, the more smoothly the selling process is going to be. Otherwise said, the so-called bidding wars might get extinct, at least, this year.

All things taken into considered, 2016 has numerous positive signs for prospective real estate buyers as it provides the chance for renters to say goodbye for good to paying a monthly rent.

So, if you too have waited for the perfect moment to actually buy a property and make a serious offer, then it seems like everything will work out eventually for you too… You can now have the chance to stop throwing your money to a landlord and start paying for your own house instead! Balance things wisely and take your time before you make up your mind!