Every property is different, every seller is different! If you too have a house for sale, let’s find out together the category you best fit into! Why? If you know what you’re doing wrong, you can make the entire selling process a lot easier for you. Let’s begin the countdown… There are at least 5 categories of home sellers out there! Find your match!

Types of house sellers!

  • The over-confident seller

‘You’ll never find a property like this anywhere in the world! So, search no more, buy it!’

Are you sure you can sell your property at a price above the market? You don’t want to negotiate it at all? Then, guess what – you certainly belong to this category – the over-confident sellers. They list their property on the market without the urgency to actually sell it, so they have no interest in negotiating the price. They want to make a large profit and without the right buyer they prefer not to sell the property at all. Does this sound familiar?

  • The perfect seller

‘Let’s make it happen! We’ll work the deal out somehow and find a middle way!’

If you have a house for sale and you are willing to do everything to get it sold fast, then you probably belong to this category! These sellers are willing to negotiate the price and find a solution to no matter what problem arises. What’s more – their dream is to get the property sold so they are willing to do whatever sacrifice to give the buyer the right conditions to buy it! They need the money and urgently!

  • The cautious seller

‘Hmm, I have to think about this a little bit longer… It has to be perfect!’

This type of sellers is willing to sell their homes, but are very analytical about the transaction. Either because a house is all that they have or just because they need to be sure there are no tricks involved, they attentively study the market and consult with their agent on the best moment to advertise it. They are not willing to make any sort of mistakes and are doing their best to keep it like this!house for sale virtual tour

  • The veteran

‘I’ll get this property sold tomorrow morning… Everything is under control!’

Having a house for sale has no more secrets for them. They have experience in the field and require little support or not at all. They have sold properties in the past and have no difficulty in doing it again. They are retired real estate agents, house flippers or just sellers who have already been through this process. They know how to advertise a property and get it sold in no time!

  • The impatient seller

‘Let’s sell it! Let’s close the deal! What are we waiting for?’

He/she doesn’t have time for nothing: from their point of view – the property needs no further investment, the time to list it is perfect and the price needs no further negotiation. They need their house to be sold yesterday and ‘quickly’ is their favorite word.

Do you have a house for sale?

A house for sale means another opportunity for you to learn something more about yourself! Understanding the different types of sellers out there can lead you to discover your own mistakes and, therefore, have the chance to correct them! The above schools of thought point out only the top five most important categories of home sellers, but there are surely a lot more… Which one do you belong to? Best of luck to sell your house quickly!