Do you want to buy a home? What is your number one priority? Depending on your requirements, lifestyle and necessities, at least one of the following types of home buyers will sound familiar to you. What type of home buyer are you really?

Profile types of home buyers!

  • The Perfect Buyer

Everyone would like to deal with this type of buyer – ‘The Perfect Buyer’ has everything prepared, the finances are ready and most of all – he/she is ready to move even tomorrow morning. The Perfect Buyer has a specific list of wishes and knows to stick to the plan. Moreover, having the homework done, you don’t need to convince him/her that much as long as his/her priorities are taken into account.

  • The Prospector

This is one of those types of home buyers, no one would like to work with. They inquire about properties they don’t have the money to buy, but fantasize about, and only prospect the market for an uncertain moment in the future. What is more – they have both the time and the patience to visit properties, and they make out of this a real hobby and a source of personal inspiration.

  • The Overly Suspicious

Questions, questions, and more questions… Everything seems not right and needs even more investigation. They question everything and they notice even the smallest defects of the house. They are very difficult to work with, but once you manage to convince them, there is no turning back, they will buy the property!

  • The Traditionalist

home buyersAs long as the upgrades of the place are not something really demanding and can be fixed fast, they will buy the house. They don’t need extravagancies, but they need everything to work as advertised! They like neutral colors, new appliances and most of all, everything needs to be in the right place…

  • The Optimist

No property is to be ignored. ‘Everything can be fixed’ is his/her motto! They are either first-time buyers who are willing to renovate everything to put their personal touch on the property, or buyers who notice profit in every house and seek a way to earn it. For them it doesn’t matter what renovation needs to be done – they can get to renovate from one door to the entire basement, and from painting a room to fixing the roof; it doesn’t matter!

  • The Picky

As you can already guess – you need an extravagant property to be able to persuade this buyer to actually purchase your property. The more expensive the house is, the better he/she feels. They need to impress their friends, they need to be trendsetters and they’ll do everything to achieve this.

  • The Ecologist

The Ecologist needs to preserve energy and needs to go green! They look for homes to represent their ideology and therefore they search for homes close to work (in order to conserve foot energy too), and their dream would be to grow their own food, so a vegetable garden would be nice! Providing them the home they need seems a difficult task, especially in today’s world.

To sum it all up, no buyer resembles another one, consequently the list of types of home buyers continues to expand every day! Speaking of needs, they also change so depending on the priorities for the moment, the types can vary too! So, which of these types of home buyers sound familiar to you?