Even if you’re excited about moving into a new place, the whole process is stressful and has a big impact on the whole family, pets included. From selling your home and packing to buying a new home and unpacking, each step is a disruption of the routine and a monumental task to carry on. The physical labor alone can wear you out, not to mention the mental one. Hiring professional movers doesn’t eliminate all of the stress either, as moving is still a shock to your everyday rhythm. Although settling into a new home won’t happen overnight, try to maintain as much of your normal routine as possible to help alleviate some stress, especially if you have kids. Check out our tips to help ensure a successful transition.

Getting Back Into Routine

For starters, every member of your family should pack a change of clothes, toiletries, and important paperwork into an essentials box. Don’t forget to put in a few favorite things, too, like a book or a photo frame. This will make everybody feel more at home. Some sweets or a bar of chocolate won’t hurt either…

When you’re ready to unpack, start with the main rooms. Kitchen first, then the bathroom. After these two essential rooms are complete, move onto your children’s area. Having items easily accessible instead of digging through boxes makes you unwind and relax a bit.

If your children are old enough to help then, by all means, let them unpack and settle in on their own. This will help them take ownership of the space faster and concentrate on organizing.


Business as usual

While sticking to your schedule may not be feasible the first few nights, that shouldn’t stop you to get back to your regular mealtimes and bedtimes as soon as possible. Establishing your daily routine in the new home is important. Keep bedtime hours, mealtimes and playtimes the same as they were in the previous home to help everyone feel more settled. This is especially true for children; disrupting their daily lives with a move can be detrimental.

“If children are acting out, try normalizing your day. If you used to take the kids to the park in the afternoons, find a local park and reschedule this into your day,” suggests The Spruce.


Hiring Professionals

Hiring professional movers can also help you find your pace faster. The entire moving process is time-consuming. From shopping for supplies to strategically packing, it can last for days or even weeks to get everything done. And that doesn’t even include the actual moving and unpacking. A professional moving company doesn’t have other obligations, is well trained and equipped, and has the experience to transfer quickly and efficiently. The faster the move occurs, the sooner you can slide back into your routine.

Packing and unpacking services are especially beneficial when moving an entire household. They simplify the whole process by placing every item you own into its right place and ready to be transported to the new destination. You may prefer to enlist the help of a professional organizer, who can help you sift through items as you pack to kill two birds with one stone. They can also suggest the best interior design for your new home.

In the end, it’s all about mind frame and how you choose to approach the whole process. Moving can never be completely stress-free, however hard you try. But a good team of professional movers and the support of your family can help a lot. Aim for peace of mind and an optimistic view on things!