If you are one of those people who love spaces that have been carefully curated to look casually crammed with retro details, this guide is for you. Shabby chic décor is extremely popular, most of all for its cozy feel. It’s a great style because it allows you to mix new items with crafts and vintage finds. But, how do you achieve the perfect shabby chic look without it feeling random and cluttered? Here are some useful tips.

Lose the rules

The fun part of the shabby chic style is that you can throw all your preconceived ideas out the window and make up your own. Just remember: the interior should look comfortable and lived in. You can play, mix, match and clash as you see fit, as long as you like how it looks.

Colors, patterns, materials, and fabrics – anything goes as long as it feels like home. That means plenty of cozy nooks, soft lighting, personal details, and slightly worn, but still very pretty and useful objects.

shabby chic

Retro furniture

When it comes to furniture, it doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, shabby chic can be one of the cheapest yet prettiest styles around. You can use genuine vintage furniture – perhaps your family has some nice pieces you can refurbish. Vintage stores and flea markets can prove to be a gold mine when it comes to furniture! Whether you are buying new or old, it’s a great idea to buy cheap, then refurbish and transform on your own. There are plenty of excellent DIY tutorials that show you how to remodel your home into a gorgeous, stylish space, using little money. Distressed looking or white-washed tables and chairs, decoupage dressers, and pallet coffee tables – these are all the hallmarks of the shabby chic style.

shabby chic

The right palette

Shabby chic is all about soothing color palettes. Most often the base color is white mixed with pastels. Some of the most popular options are mint, lavender, quartz, mauve and gray, usually accompanied by natural wood accents. Another option is to go for a warmer palette with shades of brown, terracotta, and jewel tone accents. Think greens and vibrant reds.

Soft furniture is usually covered in florals or paisley – very common on wallpapers as well. Mixing patterns is very much encouraged as it gives the space an eclectic feel.

shabby chic

Comfort above all

Shabby chic is all about the cozy feel of a lived in space. Comfort comes first. That is why spaces decorated in this style are usually dominated by overstuffed sofas, foam filled bean bags, shaggy carpets, and plenty of throw pillows. Materials, while they are pretty diverse, promote comfort and a relaxation. In general, natural wood is used for floorboards, tables, chairs, and shelves. When is comes to metal accents, tin painted in pastel colors is a popular choice. Beds, armchairs, and sofas are covered with soft fabrics, and often have fur, wool or cashmere throws, and lace or velvet pillows.

shabby chic

With a shabby chic, you can spend as much or as little as you want on decorating, and still end up with great results. All it takes is a good eye, a bit of patience and bargaining skills for finding great items, and some creativity. After all, these are all reasons why this style never goes out of fashion.