Buying a house can be both exciting and frightening as well. As a result, in order not to convert the entire experience in a real nightmare, you must know the hot points you need study and the questions that should guide your search. There is more apart from knowing the number of the bedrooms you want, the condition of the backyard, or the availability of a private parking place. Making such an important purchase requires extended research! But we’ll reveal to you some of the most important secrets, to help you make the right decision!

Although, this entire experience is time consuming, don’t neglect important steps just to get it over with. Taking the necessary time to consider the problem, might just save you money, because every small mistake in real estate can cost you large. After all, your main goal is to buy a house that preferably doesn’t require extra investments after you move in, right?

How can you find your perfect place?

The most important tip for you is to find yourself a highly qualified real estate agent that can give you the necessary support. More than that you will also need a skilled home inspector to check for the things you ‘don’t see’. This way you won’t have unpleasant or costly surprises.

To continue, some might say that buying a house gets to be similar to organizing an important event – a wedding, a secret birthday party, or even a trip. Why? The days before the actual purchase are packed with intense emotions, stress, excitement and even disappointment.

As buying a property is a highly emotional experience, you must be able to detach yourself! Don’t make an offer until you take a look at the following issues!

money for the houseHot points to consider:

  • The most common hidden problems of a property
  • The types of mortgage that best fits your needs
  • First-time buyer opportunities
  • Must-ask questions
  • How to choose your Realtor

There is a common knowledge that buying your first house or another property is like a roller coaster. At any point it can have a favorable turn or, on the contrary, a disastrous one. However, by following these tips and tricks, you can be one step closer to getting the exact thing you are actually paying to get!

Tips and tricks to make your wish-list come true!

We can all agree that looking for a home can really be nerve-racking! But, by considering several pitfalls you should avoid, you might get the home of your dreams. Even if you have a never-ending list of wishes, you can be sure that somewhere out there you’ll find the property you need.

Here are some things to check before deciding on your dream house, together with some tips and tricks that will make your house hunting easier.

  • Make notes on each property

As you might probably get to see several properties before deciding upon one, you need to be focused and remember every detail! For this to happen, take as many photos as possible and make a list with both pros and cons of each property.

  • Ask your realtor for guidance

Your real estate agent is your representative, both your counselor both also a genuine help. Ask for his/her advice! Their opinion should be carefully taken into consideration. Remember: it is an advised one!

  • Check for extra costs

Any additional repairs will require extra money. Do you have what you need? Otherwise said, can you deal with the urgent repairs?

  • Is there good insulation?

If you want to be in full control over your bills, then make sure the property is well insulated. Get a clear idea of the place before making an offer.

  • Take a look at the cracks

Are there any cracks in the walls? Yes! Then this is definitely one red flag. It may be a sign of subsidence which can turn out to be costly.

  •  Check the bathroom and the kitchen for mold

These two areas are the most exposed to such disturbing factors. Although it isn’t a serious problem, it can take some time to be fixed. From another point of view – it can also be hidden under a thick layer of fresh paint. Thus, you need an expert’s eye!

  • The heating system and the air conditioning

You’ll need them, so check if there are any malfunctions. Ask for more details if something sounds fishy. Any recent problems? Repairs? How old the devices are? All these questions will clear any doubt you might have!

  • Finishing touches and the quality of the materials used

These details just add to the real value of the property. Knowing on what you should keep an eye for, means a lot. For instance, cheaper homes will use vinyl for the flooring, while the opposite category of properties, the more expensive ones will have tile or wood. What type of flooring does your dream-house has?

  • Meet your neighbors

As awkward as this might seem, they can turn out to be a genuine source of information for you. Ask them about the area, the safety of the neighborhood or about the proximity of different amenities. This way you’ll ‘kill two birds with one stone’ – get familiar with the location and also meet your neighbors!

  • Think about the future

Balance things wisely and think about the reselling potential of the property. Even though this doesn’t seem like a future plan for you, you never know what lies ahead of you. Someday you might have to sell it, so think about the potential of the area, the neighborhood and of the property’s condition, of course.

  • Wiring problems

Loose wires or wires that don’t connect should catch your attention. Make sure it is not dangerous for you, nor for your family. If you have kids, then make sure the problem is immediately solved.

  • Roof damage

Don’t forget about the roof of the house. Although a professionally-made roof can last up to 25 years, you should have an eye for obvious problems such as missing shingles or cracks.view of the house

Questions you should ask yourself

Q: What should I do if the house that I have fallen in love with requires costly repairs?

A: You should negotiate the price! Expose the problems to the seller’s agent and make him/her understand that your have a serious interest in the house, but you don’t fully agree with the price. If this doesn’t work you have another option: make the current owner do the repairs for you, before you buy the property. Either way take precaution measures.

Q: Do I need a condo or a single-family house?

A: Depending on your plans for the future, choose what type of property you need. One that comes with full responsibility of maintenance, but where you’ll enjoy more privacy? Or the other one, where you’ll have much less maintenance to do, but where you’ll have to pay monthly association fees? It mainly depends on your personal desires and plans.

Q: Do you need a ready to move-in property?

A: Renovation budgets and extra work are part of the picture if you don’t need a move-in property, however you’ll experience a greater self-satisfaction in the end. If you don’t intend to make additional repairs, or if you’re not ready for extra financial commitment, then a ready to move-in property might just be the right choice for you.

Q: What should I do if the size of the house is impractical?

A: Well, if you can’t work out the situation somehow, by rearranging how you use the rooms or the furniture, the best solution for you would be to walk away. Don’t get emotionally attached to the house, even though there have been months since your house search has begun. There are many favorable solutions for you out there! Don’t rush!

Q: Be objective – are you desperate?

A: Taking into account that the entire searching process might take more than you have initially anticipated, you may get to a point where you won’t have nerves to wait for other opportunities. But, don’t do that! This is one of the most common pitfalls a homebuyer might make. First of all, you should be patient. This type of activity takes time! Don’t assume there is nothing better out there, because there is! In most neighborhoods, the construction of the houses is similar, so check for other houses for sale in that area. If the construction is not similar, most probably it has similar features!

Nowadays, due to the advantages that technology provides, things are definitely a little bit easier for an eager home buyer. How? Well, as you browse through online homes for sale, check for any virtual tours of the property, for as many photos of the setting and also for the mapped location to get a pretty clear picture of how the property looks like, before setting your foot there.

In today’s hot market if you see something that you definitely like, you should pull the trigger fast, in order not to remain disappointed. Take into account the potential problems of the house and keep your emotions in check.

Above all else, carefully consider your options and ask for a professional opinion and you’ll get your home-sweet-home in the end!