The real estate world is vast, always bringing something new to the table. The secret of the wealthiest people lies in investing in real estate. If you are new in the investment world, wondering where to begin, student housing is always an attractive option for several reasons. It can provide a quick return of investment since the statistic showed that you could expect pretty much robust returns when it comes to student housing. It is forecasted that it will rise to 17%.

This low hanging fruit of real estate is a great way to invest, get a stable income, and rest assured. No matter the crisis – there will always be education and a need for student housing. Students are still flocking to the urban areas, looking for their haven where they can enjoy

The so-called “buy to let” type of investment can open you to an entire world of further investing and let you enjoy the sweet fruits of success. You will have a stable income each month from renting as students can be some of the best tenants.

Why is student housing a good investment?

Student housing can be beneficial for several reasons, and the best thing is you don’t have to break your bank to invest. You can also find an investment partner and start thinking about options.

Why is student housing a great option? The first and most important thing is that this sector is recession-proof. Whatever happens, you know that education needs to survive. Also, since students’ huge volume is moving in metropolitan areas, universities don’t have the resources to provide enough accommodation for all students.

It is also completely different from renting a flat – if you have student housing with three student apartments, you will get three rents.

The only downside is how your property would be treated by the occupants who can sometimes be irresponsible (like all of us during our student days if you remember). But in that case, you can always rely on your contract and a guarantee from parents that residents will pay their rent and treat your property with care.

Another downside is that you will probably pay the fees for property management. But when you look at the bigger picture – you have a safe and steady investment waiting.

Where can I invest in student housing?

Of course, the location plays the most critical role. When you are looking for a student housing property, the best place for you is in the student campus’s proximity. Also, the student wants to enjoy fast transportation, so logistics are always crucial.

What can real estate investors do to make their properties appeal even more attractive? Long gone are the days when you could rent a room with a desk and a bed. Students are looking for a cozy place to live, rest, and study. Also, forget about the stereotypes in movies. Students don’t live on fast foods and pizza delivery because they can’t afford it, and it’s not healthy.

Instead, students want to enjoy all the amenities of the modern home. Granite kitchen counter, modern kitchen appliances – this all needs to be included in the contemporary student microverse.

Also, a fast internet connection or some shared spaces such as gyms, small cafes, or a lounge where students can study together adds to the value of your investment property. With this in mind, it is time to find a perfect place.

Inspection of a potential student housing property

Let’s take a tour and do some serious inspection. If you think that you’ve just found a perfect place for your future tenants and already started imagining how it will look like after remodeling, you need to do a thorough check of the following:

Structural issues and old/damage roof

You need to check for a structure of the building, the building’s safety, and the year when it’s built. Also, check for insulation and if the walls and ceilings are soundproof. If you don’t check for this one, it could be a severe headache later. Check the overall roofing state.

Is there any water damage?

Is everything in working order, no broken water pipes? Run water in every sink to check if some are clogged.

Damaged electrical system

Again, safety first. If the wiring is wrong, that could mean danger for your tenants. It could also lead to different accidents, including starting the fire.

Insect and pest infestation

Bugs, rats, pigeons and slugs. These problems are nasty, and you need to get to the bottom of this before taking any action. Older buildings can have serious infestation problems, so a detailed pest control should be on the top of your list.

Of course, the next thing is furnishing. Our tip is not to go over the top with the unnecessary details but to think smart:

  • A cozy bed
  • Luxurious kitchen
  • Small bathroom
  • Washing machine – these are the essentials.

In conclusion

Student housing is, in many ways, evergreen. So investing shouldn’t represent a risk at all, but it can open the door to further and more different investment types. You can secure your home, get a stable income monthly, and make someone’s student days more enjoyable.