Are you building your new home? Or are you just having a little remodeling? Well, in any case, don’t forget to give some love to your bathroom! But, how do you design a bathroom that best fits your style and family life? Find out here!

What are your habits?

Sure, bathrooms are pretty and cozy, but they should primarily be functional and practical! That’s why you must take a good look at your habits and mold your bathroom to fit them perfectly. For instance, if you love to have many different lotions, creams, gels, and conditioners, you might want to go in with storage to remove clutter. On the other hand, if you live in drought-prone areas like Australia, but still love to take long baths and showers, you might want to invest in energy- and water-efficient fixtures to conserve as much water as you can! Let your habits guide your hand in designing a perfect bathroom that fits like a glove!


What is your style?

A well-designed bathroom has a look that perfectly depicts your own style, with fixtures and accessories that complement it. For instance, if you love to be comfortable and mindful, opt for a Japanese style bathroom full of natural materials and neutral colors that will boost the Zen feeling. On the other hand, if you’re an urban, street-oriented individual, you can choose an industrial style bathroom. Think plenty of concrete, exposed pipes, matte finishes and a few carefully-chosen accessories. Long story short, take a look at your style and try to incorporate it into your bathroom for an authentic and personalized space.


Conduct a family head count

Are you designing a family bathroom, a couple’s bathroom or your teenage daughter’s private bathroom? A family bathroom needs more sinks, counter space, storage and towel racks than a private one. Also, consider some future family member that might join you or leave the nest. Once a new baby arrives or your kid goes off to college, things will significantly change. Not to mention that your pets might need a good scrub from time to time, too.


Zone out

One of the best ways to nail the perfect layout for your bathroom is to opt for zoning. Organize a few areas around your space and you’ll free up a lot of space, no matter the square footage of your bathroom. For instance, most people in Australia decide on a vanity zone, toilet zone and shower/bath zone and then they work around it. Just keep in mind that if you must move your existing plumbing to accommodate your new zones, you’ll have to cash out a bit more money. However, if you opt for any bathroom renovations in Sydney, feel free to call an expert who will help you with your zones and ensure you don’t have to gut your bathroom and change your plumbing situation. Plus, these experts always have amazing tips and tricks you can incorporate into your design!


Be comfy

Bathrooms are one of those rare spaces where you can be completely relaxed and comfortable, so don’t forget to boost comfort and coziness in your bathroom! One of the best ways to really relax your body and soul is to fill a bath and have a good soak. Today, freestanding bathtubs, both classic claw foot models and modern ones with a minimalist vibe, are very popular and trendy. They fit any bathroom style and size and offer a great pampering experience. If you’re more of a shower person, check out some rainfall showerheads that will make you feel like you are in a remote rain forest bathing below a waterfall!


Once you’re satisfied with your bathroom design, you’re in for a treat! Your every shower in the morning and every bath after a long day will be much more comfortable, relaxing and cozy than ever before!