The front door of your house is literally the first contact a potential buyer has with your property. It’s on display for the whole neighborhood to see and can symbolically represent the atmosphere inside your home. If you want to grab clients’ attention at first sight, upgrading your front door is definitely the way to go. Moreover, doors are an empty canvas and can be changed with every season or any time you feel a burst of inspiration coming up. Here’s how to use inexpensive decorations to change the look of your house and, hopefully, sell it faster.

Letters monogram

Monograms are a cute and fun way to play with your family name. Create oversized initials of your family members. You can order the letters online, or make your own out of cardboard. Cover the letters with whatever materials you have at your disposal: fabric, buttons, sea glass, shells or just paint. This leaves you enough room to experiment. You can leave the letters throughout entire year just change the design to match with the season (pumpkins in the autumn and red and white in the winter).

Door frames

Most people put a wreath on their door in this time of the year. Try something similar, but definitely different and unique. Use an old picture frame you have somewhere around the house. Choose the one with reach ornaments on the side and paint it using strong and vivid colors. Put a couple of those on your door. You can stack them up vertically if they’re the same size or arrange them in a way you think is best. Again if you have multiple frames, there’s a lot room for different variations based on season or your taste.


Light up your walkway

People are drawn to light, especially fire and candle light. Having your walkway shine in the dark will attract the neighborhood gaze. This is quite easy to make – just use ordinary glass votives and put some sprigs of greenery and berries around to make it feel more natural. This will be especially effective in the snow, because it adds to the whimsy of it. If you live in a warmer climate, use sea shells and beach grass instead.  You can add other small white ornaments as well to create the impression of light.

Watering can

Find an old rustic watering can (you can get one at your local flea market if you don’t have it at home) and use it to make wreath. Pick the flowers from your garden or buy some, spread them a bit so they look presentable, bind a couple of them together and place them in a can. You can also tie a bow on a side of it, to make it more festive. Attach the wire on the top (you’ll use it to hand the hold thing on your door). And you’re done. Just remember, now that you’re attracting more attention to your door, think about security – a good locksmith in Ryde can help you with that. That’s a very good idea especially if you’re planning to sell the house in the near future. Home buyers always appreciate the extra effort put into securing a property.

Wood cut outs

Other ideas had their limits, based on the materials and their shapes and sizes. This one doesn’t have any limits except the ones that your skills impose. Get some hardboard, choose any pattern you can draw on it and cut it out. You can use scissors or a knife and you can make as many as you like. Choose your own paint and get creative. It can be something holiday themed, but it doesn’t have to be. You can make it completely your own. Use different cut outs to tell a story or create a theme.


Spark up your columns

Christmas lights can be used in many different ways, but this one is especially impressive if you have columns in front of your door. Wrap your lights tightly around your columns and railings. You can also do it with your mailbox and any other part of the landscape that seems appropriate. Nothing is more whimsical than a well-lit house in the snow. It might be best to use Christmas lights in just one color to give it a distinct look.

With the holidays coming, this can be a good time to show off your creative side and change your front door a bit. Think before you do it, that’s how your home will be perceived for a while.