Residential energy efficiency is a topic that has fully entered the mainstream, and for good reasons, too. The residential landscape has a profound impact on our environment, but our wallets, as well. An average home still wastes a staggering amount of energy every year, but there are many things we can do the turn the tide. You can start by doing an energy audit and identifying the areas with the highest potential for improvement. It is high time to trim utility bills and enhance your household budget.

HVAC system

First off, reduce the demands on your HVAC system. Making it work harder than necessary drives the energy bills up considerably. One of the ways to pull it off is to replace your dirty or clogged furnace filter. Depending on the size and type of the filter, you might have to change it every three, six, or twelve months. Schedule professional maintenance if need be. Furthermore, close the blinds and seals to reduce the indoor temperature during hot summer days and consider installing a solar attic fan.


Get a programmable thermostat

Smart home technology has deeply empowered homeowners in their efforts to improve energy efficiency.  One of the most effective green tools comes in the form of programmable thermostats. Using their cutting-edge features, you can basically put the household temperature control on autopilot. There are various sophisticated products that “learn” your preferences and daily habits and use acquired data to optimize heating and cooling patterns.

Invest in new appliances

Next, turn your attention to appliances. If you have older, clunky devourers of energy, you should replace them as soon as possible. Major appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers account for 13% of the total energy consumption. Therefore, your investment is sure to pay off in the long term. When embarking on a shopping adventure, keep an eye on models with the Energy Star label. This is a universally accepted industry standard for evaluating the efficiency of appliances.


Rethinking the utilities

Do you have a feeling you are paying too much to your provider? Well, grasp the big picture and see what your options in the market are. Do some research, compare plans and packages, and shop around for the best energy provider. You can also seek a trusted utility connection company to streamline the organization of utilities, and gain more freedom and flexibility when it comes to connecting them. In the process, you should be able to solve water, meter number, and billing issues.

Conserve more water

Make an effort to increase household water conservation to shrink the overall energy consumption. The good news is that there is no shortage of affordable upgrades you can make. Low-flow showerheads should be high on the list of priorities. They affect the amount of water you need to heat without hampering the shower experience. Another worthy investment that reduces water waste is a low-flush toilet. Beyond that, you need to ensure you have no plumbing leaks and malfunctions.


Boost the insulation

The envelope of your home is the backbone of energy efficiency. Therefore, carry out a thorough inspection to assess the state of insulation. Pay special attention to areas that are usually the weakest link, such as the loft, attics, doors, and windows. Make necessary repairs and do the weatherstripping. Improving your insulation and air sealing goes a long way towards minimizing air leaks and unwanted temperature losses.

Upgrade your lighting

Lighting is responsible for around 10% of electricity consumption. Nowadays, standard incandescent bulbs really have no place in a green home. You are better off buying Energy Star qualified or LED bulbs. They are superior in every way: they require way less energy, last much longer, emit less heat, and contain no toxic chemicals. Smart fittings with motion sensors and programmable features are also a nice addition as they never waste electricity when you are not around.


Down the green path

Those meaning to embrace a green way of living can rely on various tried-and-true tactics. To get the ball rolling, employ smart technology and make a difference in key areas like heating and cooling. Replace the old appliances that only act as energy hogs. Prevent your HVAC from overworking. Enhance the insulation and ensure your abode is air sealed. Following these steps, you will save a substantial amount of money in the long term and do well by Mother Nature. It is a true win-win scenario.