Selling a property may seem daunting, but what is the real deal – is it easier or more difficult to sell affordable houses, taking into account the fierce competition and the number of potential buyers out there? Having cheap houses for sale means most of the time less trouble closing the deal, but you need to be aware of several tips and tricks that can fasten the transaction too! This is all too good not to share!

Home selling has become more complex than it used to be and it is no longer as easy as putting a ‘for sale’ sign in your front yard. Therefore, in order to make the smartest decision, here are some key aspects you have to take into account!

Cheap houses for sale – Seasonal tips!

Depending on the season you’re in, there are several tricks you could use to your advantage to persuade the buyer to make a suitable offer later on! The first move? Place yourself in your buyers’ shoes before you do anything else! Cheap houses for sale? No need to worry anymore!

Here are some tips you could try!

Spring: Getting freshly-cut flowers is a must this season. The key is to use color in your own advantage! Can you handle the challenge?

Summer: Focus on the outdoor areas of your home, they will probably be the main attractions for your visitors. Don’t forget to keep the house cool, but not too cool… Make visitors feel at ease with the property!

Fall: What better way to enjoy fall, than to bring the beautiful colors of this season inside. Either that we talk about leaves or eye-catching pumpkins, they surely need to be there! PS: Don’t forget about baked apple, it might be the missing piece of the puzzle!

Winter: If you happen to have a fireplace, then you’re definitely a lucky guy, it’s your key to success in this season, so make sure it is functional when visitors step inside your property. Moreover, you could get pine-cones and make a nice arrangement both for smell and for adding a personal touch. Hint: Prepare some photos with the property, taken in spring or summer to show your visitors how the place looks all year round!cheap houses for sale guide

Key topics to discuss with your real estate agent

From another point of view, there are several topics that are imperative for you to discuss with your real estate agent. Don’t skip them, unless you want to regret it later on!

  • Online image

More than ever, photos count in this volatile market, where buyers have numerous choices at their disposal. So make sure your real estate agent works with a professional photographer, or that he/she is a skilled photographer. You need perfect images to represent your property online – no dust, clutter or mess, please! Having cheap houses for sale mustn’t mean ordinary online image, it depends on the quality of your photos to expose an appealing place, instead!

  • Advertising

Make sure from the early beginning that you have chosen the right professional to deal with every little aspect of your transaction, and marketing is certainly not one of those insignificant details. Having a strong marketing plan is essential. See where the agent wants to promote your property and what tools he/she wants to use; up-to-date marketing tools should be part of the plan for sure!

  • Virtual tours

What better way to expose your property than with a virtual tour? Your real estate agent must be tech-savvy and should work with the best of the best on the market, so be attentive at the virtual tour provider!

  • Showing-tips

Having a real estate agent by your side definitely eases-up the entire transaction! So, expect useful tips and tricks on how to get your property ready for showings. Taking into account their experience and knowledge, their advice may balance more than you can initially think of!

  • The right price!

No marketing tricks can compensate for an overpriced property. So, do your homework and together with your real estate specialist set the correct price for your home. Have no doubt when saying that the price strongly influences the selling process!

To sum it all up, having cheap houses for sale and closing the deal is part art, part negotiation and part marketing. So, no matter what the price of your house is, you need to work with an experienced real estate agent that will deliver the expected result, so have you found yours yet?