Bedroom design isn’t something that homeowners put much thought into. It’s a functional room and it’s usually private, which means that you can design it with only your taste in mind and not waste too much time on it.

However, all the reasoning could easily go the other way, too.  A private and personal room should be designed with great care and comfort in mind. It should also be aesthetically treated just like any other part of your home.


Floor plans are the first thing to think about when it comes to bedroom design. There’s a reason a lot of hotels have a similar floor plan – because it’s functional and gives you plenty of space. It depends on the size and the arrangement of your home, but you need to try and factor in the location of the bathroom and the closet.

The goal should be to have enough space to circulate within the room without having to move furniture or feel closed in during your daily activities.


The light

Lighting is the most delicate part of any design. Not the most important, but it can make or break the design regardless of all its other qualities. This is especially true when you think about bedroom design because that’s the room that needs to be both suited to rest and functional for a variety of other activities.

The best way of accomplishing this is by using as many task lights as you can fit in the room without it looking overcrowded.


The main character

The bed is probably the central part of this room and should have a special place – both central and a bit secluded. Even if the space is stylishly designed and filled with a lot of other décor pieces. Start by indulging in a luxurious headboard. This isn’t the part of the bed that gets the most attention and it’s what makes a real difference.

The mattress itself should probably be made out of two parts in order to accommodate the sleeping habits of everyone using it.



A wardrobe makes a valuable addition to your bedroom because it makes it glamorous and comfortable at the same time. Adding a wardrobe doesn’t mean you need to waste a lot of space that you could otherwise use for furniture; installing sliding wardrobe doors can really make this part of the room compact and even hidden.

Don’t forget that the wardrobe also needs lighting in order to be functional and better organized. A few task lights from within will be enough to do the trick.


A seating area

The bed usually gets all the attention and kind of takes over the room. In order to create a sense of balance and to make the room more diverse, you can install a small seating area. The area needs to be compatible with the bed and the rest of the room. It can also be somewhat lighter in both design and shade.

The area should contain a few comfortable plush armchairs and at least one small coffee table. All of this needs to fit in with the rest of the room, which means it can be as modern as you want it to be.



Plants can create a warm and cozy environment and make your bedroom come to life. Choose them  carefully and try to make them an integral part of the overall design. There are a few things to consider outside of the aesthetic when choosing these plants.

Try to think about the amount of maintenance needed for these plants. If you can’t dedicate enough time to it, maybe you should choose a different plant. The amount of natural light is also important and that will probably determine where the plants are located.


An eclectic style

One thing that’s great about bedroom design is that you can be bolder than usual and try out a variety of eclectic styles. This doesn’t mean that you can randomly mix and match, but you’re allowed to experiment and find your own look.

The best way to think about this is to imagine how you’ll use the room – and create the design based on that. It’s fine if this approach mixes furniture from different time periods and of varying value.

Designing a bedroom can be complex work. In the end, it can be a way to express yourself and make your room more enjoyable.