Living in a house has always been better than living in an apartment, especially when it comes to having more storage, living and maneuvering space, which is essential now that people are forced to stay at home all the time due to the global pandemic. But this sort of luxury comes with a price. Making sure your home is always in perfect condition takes a lot of time, energy, and money. This is particularly true if you care about the aesthetic appeal of your exterior space. In case your home features a brick façade, you always need to pay attention to it and fix it the moment you start seeing cracks appearing. Here are a few ideas that might help you turn your ideas into reality.

Find out what’s going on

The first step towards solving this kind of problem is finding out what you’re dealing with. Not all crack-related issues are serious enough for you to spend tons of money on labor and material. But some problems are crucial and require immediate action, and that’s why assessing the situation first is the key to solving it. Brick façades can cause all sorts of issues, from thermal cracks to damages to the coating, and this is what’s going to determine the amount of time and money you’ll need to make everything right.

Discover whether the crack is active or not

brick façade

The two most common types of cracks that can appear on your brick façade are active cracks and dormant cracks. The former type includes different breaks that move all the time and get slightly bigger and bigger over time, and these are the cracks that require you to do something straight away. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away! Every day you spend waiting is just another day you’re closer to having your house collapse – maybe while you’re in it! So, if you’re dealing with an active crack – and this is something that a professional will be able to assess – start fixing it now. The situation with dormant cracks, on the other hand, is much simpler and easier, but you should still make sure your home is safe and stable.

Get some professional help

Once you’ve checked everything out and decided that now is the time to react, there are two ways to do that: on your own or by getting some professional help. And even if you’re the handiest and most skillful person in the world, brick façade cracks should be taken seriously, and they often require professional treatment. That’s why people worldwide, from Norway to Australia, stick to experts who can solve their problems immediately. If you’re among the latter, for instance, you can always talk to experts in concrete repairs from Sydney who can assess the situation at your home and tell you what needs to be done. These people will handle everything in your stead and make your home safer and better than before, and that’s something all homeowners are hoping for.

Find the source

In the end, if you make everything right and the problem keeps coming back, don’t worry – there’s another thing you can do. Find the crack source and make sure you’re sure that you’ve repaired it. There are quite a few things that cause façade cracks:

  • Earthquakes
  • Damaged foundations
  • Faulty drains

The problem will keep coming back if you don’t find out exactly what’s going on with your brick façade. This giant circle won’t be broken until you’ve fixed the source of your cracks.

Fixing cracks in your brick façade might sound like a simple DIY weekend project, but the truth is quite the opposite. It’s a delicate and complex project that needs to be done correctly, so make sure you find someone with experience who’ll be able to do that for you!