Have you found the right house? Do you plan to make an offer? Then, make a thorough personal home inspection before this?

Important! Your own home inspection doesn’t replace a professional one! You still need one! But, as you visit the property you should know the key spots to analyze. You’ll find everything you need to know down below to get a general impression over the property you intend to buy.  

The steps to a perfect home inspection checklist!

Where to look?

Every spot is important when you’re about to make such an important investment. So, the essential places to look at are the exterior of the house, the basement, the attic and the living space. Anything that might look suspicious should be written down and discussed with your agent later on. However, you can be sure there is no real danger only after having a professional inspection.

What to look for?

  • Cracks
  • Suspicious noises
  • Termite tubes
  • Bad smell
  • Water damaged ceilings
  • Mold or poor ventilation
  • Mainly, anything out of the ordinary

What are the main stages?

Here are some of the reasons that should make you worried. Remember – your inspection should not eliminate a professional one, which can, by the way, make or break a sale. Key spots to analyze!

  • What is your general impression?

home inspection checklistHow does the property look like? This is the first stage in your personal home inspection checklist – to see if you resonate with the house or not. Is the neighborhood right for you? Does the property have all your essentials? These questions should give you enough evidence to take you to the next step!

  • The exterior and the roof

Now it’s the time to take your home inspection to the next level – observe the property step by step. Notice if you see anything suspicious… Begin with the exterior – are there any serious cracks in the walls or any recent renovations. Why renovations?  Because freshly-made renovations might point out both a reason to be happy – because you won’t have to renovate that area once again, but also a reason to worry because it might actually hide a recent problem. But don’t panic, a professional inspection will point out if you need to worry or not.

What about the roof? Is it in a good condition? When was the last time it was replaced? Hint: investing in a roof may get you a few bucks out of your pocket…

  • The interior and the appliances

When getting inside, begin with the basement of the property. Does it have adequate insulation? This matter will probably overpass you, so you should better leave it to the professionals. Moreover, check for any leaks or any obvious malfunctions at the appliances, you’ll probably use them daily so this can seriously affect you!

  • Odor

What do you feel when you enter the house? Is there any unpleasant odor? Can it be fixed or not? If you wonder why is this so important? Well, the immediate answer that should pop-up in your mind – mold or wet basement.

Keep in mind: your home inspection checklist should give you a general overview of the condition of the house, however, it should not replace an official one! Why? You might be surprised to find out just the opposite of what you were thinking at the beginning! Without a doubt, specialists see problems you clearly can’t, so hire one immediately!