When it comes to working with real estate agents it is essential to make a clear distinction between fact and fiction from the early start. With this in mind, more and more agents wonder why do myths seem to spread by the day? And the reason is simple – people tend to make generalizations based on what they’ve heard or on what they believe.

Each and one of us has heard at a certain time at least one of the following myths! So, before you have an eye-rolling attempt when you hear your clients pointing this out, let’s squash some of the most common myths about real estate! Hint: It might become frustrating at a certain point to hear over and over again the same myth, so share this article and make people recognize them!

Top most hilarious myths about real estate agents!

  • All the properties are advertised online, you don’t need real estate agents anymore!

Let’s admit it, working with real estate agents implies more than finding you the perfect property! Yes, you can certainly research the market on your own, and this is highly indicated, however, the advantages that you get while buying a home with a real estate agent are numerous. Think about the tons of paperwork, the negotiation, the closing dates, the inspection items or the timelines; who will be there to push the transaction forward?

Moreover, even if you begin your buying process alone, you’ll get to deal directly with the listing agent at a certain point, so can you really believe you can handle the pressure?

  • real estate agentsYou’ll save money by hiring a low-commission agent

This depends, you might get to the point of paying more as well. This is why you need to be upfront from the early start to establish what will you get in return. In other words, will your property be efficiently marketed? Does your agent have any strategy? Will he/she do the negotiation and the paperwork for you? And the list can go on and on forever… As a result, you should choose your real estate agent carefully and don’t try to cut expenses where you shouldn’t! Make sure that selling your property is not about post-and-pray!

  • Real estate is easy, you have to drive around and visit nicely decorated houses

This is one of the most unfortunate myths – on the contrary, real estate is a very difficult job! It’s not all about driving around and hanging out with their clients, it has much more to do with prospecting, marketing, handling paperwork, answering calls… And more than that – think about the level of stress they have to manage on a daily basis, a real estate agent will not get paid if the transaction is not closed. And they have to make a living too, you know?

It’s all about the real estate agents!

Taking all this into consideration, there are plenty of real estate myths available on the market and there is no possible way to avoid them all. However, one thing is for sure – you have to thoroughly research the topic and see the truth behind the rumor.

For real estate clients: Don’t fall into some of the most common traps. Research the topic!

For real estate agents: Make sure your clients are aware of what is true and what is just pure fiction!