Slowly, but steadily, the world is recovering from the economic crisis, bringing forth a new surge in the property investments. And with the weather taking a turn for a better, it is time to feel the gentle sea breeze in your hair and embark on new, exciting journeys. Overseas investing is flourishing, enabling people to reap lucrative rewards and find some affordable property. With strong dollars in your pocket, and clear vision in the head, there is no excuse to miss this boat.


The northeast Brazil is attracting many long-term investors, with its vivid culture and romantic feel. Moreover, it features the stunning 1500-miles long coast dotted with pristine beaches. One may choose both busy cities like Fortaleza and tranquil places such as Joao Pessoa. Now, property hunters are particularly interested in shabby economic and currency performance in Brazil. In recent years, there has been a 218% increase in dollar spending power, which makes real estate cheap for dollar holders. The property market is sagging, but that is another chance to prosper, as the economy is soon expected to pick up. Brazil-real estate


The accelerated economic growth and population rise in Qatar have laid solid grounds for the real estate market to flourish. In the previous year, the prices went up by 15%, implying that one should act swiftly. The prices are expected to uplift further, especially involving studio, one and two-bedroom units.  Qatar might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s regarded as a stellar lifestyle location. Also, the 2022 FIFA world cup has moved this small country in the center of global attention, fueling the further construction boom. Qatar-real estate


The tropical climate, cheap property and the unspoiled coastline are reasons enough to put Mozambique on your checklist. Add to that the steady economic development, rising assets value, and stunning urban landscapes, and you got yourself one of the best summer destinations. More and more people are seeking to rent in Mozambique especially in the mesmerizing coastal cities, and some big names from South Africa have entered the scene. Beachfront plots are the cream of the crop, and locals are being left behind, due to the greater influx of foreign investors. Mocambique and Malawi-real estate


Jamaica, the pear of the high seas, finally has more in store for us than just natural marvels and lavish resorts. The real estate market is expending at a rapid pace, the tourists are flocking to turquoise lagoons and white-sand beaches. The prices rose about 40% in the last five years, the demand is reaching ever new heights. Foreign investors dominate the high-end segment of the market, but native professionals also spur the growth in other areas. The apartments are priced at $122,000 and residential units go as high as $350,000.Jamaica-real estate


When scoping out Europe, look no further than the Portugal’s picturesque coast. It is bustling with historic value, adorned with charming landscape, and on top of it is English-speaking and safe. The market is still depressed, unable to fully recover from the shocks, and in addition, the euro is struggling to keep its value. The Algarve is a top pick for those craving for some Old World, continental lifestyle, as well as for golfers and boaters. Being a popular tourist destination, it offers nice returns on rental and a host of undervalued properties.Portugal-real estate

A hot hand

So, it seems that nothing is keeping you from finding a place in the sun, and making this summer a time of smart investment decisions and exploration of the new horizons. The values are in an upswing, promising hefty returns, ones you will hardly find at home. With the proper research conducted, the only way to lose money is to see the country descending into war, or getting struck by a natural disaster. Disregarding these worst case scenarios, overseas is the hot place to be and own.