As a buyer, you should never depend on the information that you might get from the owner of the house; however, every provided detail should be attentively studied! Even though buyers rarely have the occasion to speak directly to the owner, if you happen to have the chance, here is a set of questions that sellers usually find disturbing!

Home sales can really be stressful, therefore in order to avoid later disappointments here are some questions that might clear out any traces of doubt left. Hint: Keep in mind, the info that you receive should never be taken as valid or false, you never know what you’ll get!

Home sales – Disturbing questions!

  1. What are the reasons that pushed you to sell the property?

This is a tricky question that you can use in your own advantage – find out how willing is the seller to quickly sell you the property. Depending on this you can know whether he/she is up for a serious negotiation or not.  The reasons can be multiple, but what you have to notice is the motivation that stands behind this decision.

  1. At what price did you buy the property?

Even though the prices of today’s market are not the same with those of yesterday, this question can give you an overview of the entire process of home sales – in other words, the evolution of the market! What’s more, markets can go up or down in time, so get a glimpse of what happened until now.

  1. How did you come up with this asking price?

home salesSee how the seller motivates his/her. This is a great opportunity to find out the strong points of the property and how the owner judges this entire situation! It can definitely be a point for future speculations!

  1. What were the factors that influenced your asking price?

Go a little bit further into the matter and get some specific factors that led to the price. This way you’ll probably get to know things you haven’t found until this point. Who knows what the owner will point out!

  1. Are there any neighborhood changes that might affect me?

You need to know what the future has prepared for you; otherwise said, you need to know if the quality of life will be the same in the following months or if the value of the property can be affected in any way by the changes in the neighborhood. Large projects that can affect the inhabitants of a certain neighborhood are usually announced, but if we talk about a close neighbor who plans to build a new house right next to you, then you couldn’t know unless the current owner mentions this to you!

  1. What was the biggest problem you had with this property?

How to find out what problems the ex-owner had with this property unless you ask him/her directly? Why this still interests you? It can point out future problems too or it might lead to additional issues.

  1. Would you change anything to this property?

It’s always a good idea to try to ask for the owner’s sincerity and even though you cannot have a face-to-face discussion you can always ask your real estate agent to send an email to the seller’s agent requesting answers to these questions. Home sales can become the opportunity you have been waiting for…

All in all, during home sales there will be plenty of opportunities to become completely sure that a certain house is or isn’t what it appears to be. One of the fastest ways is to ask the owner exactly what you need to know! These questions can really get you to obtain the answers you need!