When it comes to our living situations, we are all different. Some of us buy while others rent properties. Some of us care about the location while others don’t find it that important. Then, some need a massive space to function and those who can fit everything they need in a small living space. If you belong to the latter group, you might be having financial issues, and a small apartment is all you can afford. Maybe you want a minimalistic space that, or you are merely trying to lower your footprint on the environment. However, despite all the advantages, you might be looking for a way to at least make the rooms in your home visually larger.

The designers have spoken

Even if all your belongings fit in nicely and you have enough room for everything, you can still experience a sense of claustrophobia. If you do feel like this, fret not! Interior designers have come up with many tips and tricks on how to enlarge smaller living spaces. They’ve concluded that light helps space seem more airy and open. A great way to incorporate more light into your living quarters is by bringing in some mirrors. Below you can see several ways how mirrors can be used to transform any room in your home and make it look bigger.

Let there be light

The best and easiest way to shower your space in light is, of course, plenty of windows. Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky to have floor-to-ceiling windows instead of walls. Furthermore, adding more windows is not always possible. If we’re renting spaces, we’re not allowed to remodel them, and if we own the property, renovating might be too expensive. This is where mirrors come into the picture. Their reflective quality will allow you to use whatever amount of light you do get to your advantage and make space appear larger.

Where to place mirrors

For example, you can place a mirror across a window, near one, or even combine the two options. This is sure to create the illusion of a bigger room as it will reflect the light coming from the outside. Plus, the lack of windows in a small space can be circumvented in another way – by using a mirror to create a fake window. Luckily, there are many ways to do this.

  1. One approach is to frame several smaller mirrors that will then mimic the appearance of a window.
  2. However, artistically cutting a mirror can also help you create this effect without using a frame.
  3. Finally, mirrors are not used only to enhance the natural light. They can also be used to reflect the artificial light and thus illuminate the space better even during the evening or night.

It’s essential to keep in mind where your mirrors will be placed in relation to your lighting fixtures.


Rely on lighter colors

Instead of installing new and bigger windows, a much cheaper approach is repainting your home and using brighter colors. Putting a fresh coat of paint on your walls is an inexpensive way to boost its appearance.

In case you are renting

You can either ask for permission to do this or opt for self-adhesive wallpaper, which is easier to install. However, it’s essential to bear in mind that what you need is light colors. Dark shades will absorb the light and make space seem even smaller. Light ones, on the other hand, will help the light reflect better and create an illusion of spaciousness. Of course, white seems like a logical solution, but it sometimes looks too sterile and boring. In that case, you’ll be glad to hear that other light hues can also be used to make the most of the space. Consider any shade of:

  • Off-white
  • Light beige
  • Gray
  • Pastels like yellow, blue, or pink.

Putting large frameless wall mirrors across from any of these colors will make the room appear larger with little to no effort.


Then again…

On the other hand, if your home already has dark walls and you don’t plan on making any changes soon, you can also place mirrors on them. This solution will allow you to contrast the darkness of the walls and still reflect some light to make space seem more open. You can even decide to get a couple of smaller mirrors and group them on one wall. That will look aesthetically pleasing while enhancing the size of the room at the same time.

Find the right furniture

In addition to using dark colors, your rooms can also appear cramped if there are too many pieces of furniture. You should look for some practical ways how you can make the most of the space you have and the pieces you need.

Here are some examples:

You should look into some multi-functional pieces that can serve various purposes. Consider:

  • Modular sofas that can seat plenty of people and also be used as beds
  • Beds with drawers underneath
  • Ottomans that can be used for sitting, storage, and as a coffee table.

However, while all of the above-listed suggestions can make rooms appear larger, you can also utilize some strategically placed mirrors. For instance, small bedrooms can seem larger if there are mirrors on the wardrobe doors. You can also use mirrored tiles on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets to get some more light into these rooms. Moreover, think about getting some other pieces that have reflective tendencies, such as coffee tables. Buying a glass cutter and some mirrored tiles in a local hardware store shouldn’t be too hard. With some effort, this DIY project can make your entire home look airier as well as expensive.


Use dimensions to your advantage

Just like placing your furniture at an angle makes space appear longer, a tall mirror can also make it feel more spacious. It will draw the eye upward and help you create an illusion of more room. In case you have a small nook or a similar architectural element in your home, you can place a floor-to-ceiling mirror there and make it seem as if there is another room there. This is similar to the option of faking a window we mentioned earlier.

Up, down and around

Other than tall, floor-length mirrors, you can also get different types of oversized mirrors. They don’t have to be hanged – you can lean them against the wall or put them in a corner.
What is more, it is not unusual to see huge mirrors placed behind sofas or credenzas. This way, they attract even more attention and serve as focal pieces. While it might seem odd, you can also install mirrors in the kitchen to make it appear more open. For example, you can use mirrors as a backsplash. This will enhance the task lights under your counters and even allow you to use the natural light to the max. Plus, it will give you a better overview of what is happening behind your back. The great thing here is that you can use it for the entire kitchen or just behind the sink or the stove – the choice is yours.


Get rid of clutter

One thing that you must remember for these mirror tricks to work is that you need to steer clear of clutter. Seeing as how mirrors reflect everything that is in front of them, your messy room will only be worse. Therefore, it would be for the best to stick to minimalism when dealing with a small living space. Use the previously mentioned multi-purpose furniture to keep clutter at bay and go through your stuff and decide whether you need it all. Keep to simple, clean lines and opt for subtle but effective décor.


If you feel that your rooms are a bit cramped, it’s good to know that there are ways how you can at least create an illusion of more space. To sum things up:

  • Get rid of unnecessary clutter
  • Rely on lighter colors
  • Strategically place mirrors
  • Look for particular furniture pieces that will go well with the overall space.

Utilizing mirrors and their reflective quality can benefit your living area manifold, from acting as centerpieces to bringing in more light.