With all the chaos erupting in the world, many people seek comfort in nature, especially when it comes to gardening, planting and making their lives greener at home. There is something very satisfying in propagating plants, providing them with a new home, tending to their needs and watching them grow and thrive. People all around the world are exploring new gardening activities and setting trends. If you’re one of the many individuals who caught the gardening bug, here are the top 2021 trends you should keep in mind when tending to your garden.

Sustainable gardening

What most gardeners today want is safety in their backyards. They invest a lot of care in the lawn for activities and dedicate the rest of the yard to plants. But since sustainability is on everyone’s lips today, there are many ways to improve it in your garden. The biggest concern is toxic chemicals that can harm pollinators, pollute soil and even affect pets and kids. People are slowly shifting away from chemicals and investing in sustainable ways to protect and feed their plants. Investing in plant varieties that are native can also boost eco-friendliness are reduce water waste and the need for bug treatments.

Wild gardening

People are stressed and don’t need to add pruning, mowing, and garden maintenance to their existing chore lists. Wild gardens are one of the biggest up-and-coming gardening trends. Whether you prefer wildflowers or want to watch your lawn evolve unattended, wild gardens are great for providing habitat for bees, butterflies and hedgehogs. They require minimal effort yet offer people great benefits.

Edible gardens

Plant-based diets are gaining more and more followers, especially in the last few years. However, due to rising food prices, organic products and shortages in growing appreciation, many people adopted growing their veggies and fruit in 2021. If you’re new to gardening and growing edible products in your outdoor space, you can start with easy-to-grow vegetables, salads and greens—these can thrive in small patches and even patio containers. To start your edible garden, visit the Shoppster online store, and you can get everything you need to take up gardening. Everything from small hand tools to lawnmowers can be delivered to your doorstep in no time.


Outdoor living rooms

Blurring the line between outdoor and indoor space is not a new trend but got a new boost in 2021. Whether you choose to create an outdoor kitchen, invest in a garden spa center or extend your kids’ playroom, many of us are seeking ways to move our lives outdoor. Gardens are quickly turning into multipurpose spaces where we can spend time with family and friends. Small, big, closed off or very open and airy, you probably have some outdoor space to turn into an additional living space on your property.

Balcony gardening

Today, many households don’t have access to outdoor areas or any shared gardens. So more and more city dwellers are looking for ways to introduce nature to their small urban spaces by hopping on a trend of balcony gardening. There are many ways you can liven up your balcony—you can introduce wood, opt for minimalist herbal planters or go for a full-on rainforest look. The plants you choose will depend on your desired outcome, but if you’re a beginner, jasmine, lavender, bamboo, snake plants, and peace lilies are a fool-proof choice for your balcony.


Crazy paving

Gardening is not all about greenery—there’s something in other forms of landscaping like paving. If you love a quirky garden, you can rejoice because crazy paving options are back in business. Attractive paving options, together with gabion walls, are one of the biggest trends in 2021. Let your imagination fly free and opt for irregular slabs of stepping stones or opt for porcelain paving. The latter option looks like natural stone, but it has a non-slip quality, perfect for gardens, especially when placed in shady and moist areas.


If you want to take up gardening, consider any of these trends, and you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this green and valuable hobby. Start small, and who knows; you might end up being a trendsetter in the world of gardening in a few years.