Sometimes, adding a bit more style to your home is a perfect way to make it look fresher and more attractive. However, dealing with all the redecorating work can be a bit too much at times, which is why choosing one or two decor pieces can be an excellent idea. After all, you don’t always need a lot to implement a bit of change. Therefore, if you’ve been planning to infuse your home with some stylish and modern decor, here are some suggestions that you might consider using.

Some colorful artwork pieces

If you’re not ready to repaint your walls in bright colors, then adding some colorful artwork pieces will be a great alternative. You can browse local antique stores or online shops, or if you want something entirely original, you can always create your posters using the design software of your choice. Many copy shops can print and frame posters for you, so by going with that option, you’ll add something unique to your home while also helping the local economy.

A few houseplants to boost the well-being

Aside from looking pretty, houseplants are also beneficial to your health, which is why you should have at least one. Just looking at the houseplants can instantly make you feel better, so if you’ve been thinking about adding something cheery, then potted greens are a great solution. In case you’re worried about killing your plants, you can always choose the ones that are easy to care for. Snake plants, peace lilies, spider plants, and various types of succulents and cacti are great if you’re starting to grow your own greens.

Accent lighting to brighten up your evenings

A warm, cozy glow is a wonderful way to make your home look more inviting and friendly, especially in the evening hours. That’s why choosing a few ambient accent lamps and placing them in all the places and corners that matter to you. You don’t need a big chandelier to make your home well-lit and warm, because sometimes, a combination of different accent lighting will be more than enough.

Don’t neglect your floors

Your floors are important, so be sure to make them comfortable and pretty. If the current state of your floors is less than ideal, and you’re not able to completely replace them, then feel free to consider covering them, at least until you can get them fixed. And even if you don’t plan to fix them, you can always consider one of the rugs from the Miss Amara online collection, especially if you’re a fan of abstract, floral, and tribal patterns. Still, when choosing a carpet, make sure to consider the furniture placement and color palette of the space so that everything will look balanced and elegant.


A rounded furniture piece

 There’s something charming about curvy furniture. According to some studies, rounded furniture can bring feel-good vibes to a place by calming your nerves. So next time you feel like shopping for new furniture, feel free to consider a rounded armchair or a sofa. Also, keep in mind that even round pillows and ceramic pieces can also help your peace of mind.

A vintage decor or art piece

 In case you’re a nostalgic person with an old soul, then adding something vintage and unique to reflect your personal style might be a step in the right direction. An old-school gramophone or a radio transistor will add the vibes of bygone eras and make your home seem more stylish. The internet is full of ads that sell antique or vintage decor/furniture items. However, if you have any vintage stores in your area, feel free to check them out too.


Curtains that genuinely complement your space

Curtains are essential, mainly as they’re responsible for preserving your privacy, especially if you live in a place that allows onlookers to have a casual glimpse into your home. That’s quite common in certain areas, so it’s important to choose the curtains that will look good. However, there might be an issue with accessing natural light during the day, and natural sunlight is often the best way to make your home look lively and bright. Therefore, choosing sheer curtains that allow the light to enter while also protecting your privacy will surely be a great solution.



Your home deserves to look its best, and these decor pieces and accessories can help you get there. Just be sure to choose each item carefully, so you can be sure they’re the right fit for your home. Also, adding occasional splashes of color and some plants is the most certain way to bring some happiness and positivity to your living space.

Photos by Sidekix Media on Unsplash