Are you having trouble selling your home? Then, you are probably making one of the following mistakes. Whether we are talking about a fast seller’s market or a slow buyer’s market, there are plenty of reasons to justify why things are not going according to plan for you.

Selling a home in today’s market may turn out to be more than a real challenge. The first thing is to ask yourself ‘why?’! Get into your buyer’s shoes and try to determine why there is so much hesitation and lack of response.

Houses that don’t sell!

When dealing with houses that don’t sell, the most frequent scenarios are few visitors or no visitors at all, or the opposite case – not receiving a serious offer even though you had dozens of viewers.

To save money, you need to know what mistakes you must avoid. Irrespective of what type of market you find yourself in, keep in mind that there will always be homes that will sell fast and properties that will rest for several months in a row with no serious buyers. If you’re in the second category, then you are right to have reasons to worry.

So, let’s study the causes why your house doesn’t sell. If you make all the right moves, your home should attract not only visitors but buyers instead! Here are the most common mistakes!

You put an exaggerated price

Studying the market and putting a price that matches the real estate conditions of that period is a must. Ask a real estate professional and set the correct price for your property. Making this all too common mistake will only cost you more money than you have initially anticipated.

An inflated price will only scare off potential customers, which by the way, will end in not even getting to see your property at all. If you’re an owner under financial pressure, try to detach yourself and see the matter from an objective perspective. You cannot fool anyone but yourself.

selling your home

Your house is never ready for Open Houses

Once you put your house on the market, then it must be ready for visitors. Otherwise said, if it’s not ready to receive visitors, it’s not prepared to be sold and marketed!

Consequently, we can all agree that selling a house takes work, time, patience and preparation! Experts stress that once you’ve succeeded in attracting visitors to your house, then you must amaze them. This is the secret. They must remember your home!

You haven’t hired a realtor

Choosing to sell your house without a Realtor is much more complex, and it is not advisable. For sure, you don’t have enough experience for such a huge project. Let professionals do their job. Specialists state – a good Realtor will help you make the best decisions, and more than that, they will facilitate the entire selling process.

selling your home

You’re still doing repairs

Either minor or major repairs are a genuine ‘no-no’ while your visitors come and go. No one would enjoy visiting a property that is under construction. It needs to be in the best possible shape BEFORE buyers get inside. It would be best if you made your buyers imagine the place as theirs.

Poor marketing

With poor marketing or no marketing at all, your house doesn’t stand a chance in front of millions of other similar properties. As much as you think you know how to advertise it properly, you need more than that – you need an expert’s advice. Your real estate agent has a broader marketing knowledge. They know how to market it effectively. If you’ve made this mistake already, then voila, here is the reason why your house is still on the market. Get a competent real estate agent to help you, and fast!

Your house isn’t in its best possible shape

Curb appeal matters more than you could ever think of. So, to sell your property faster, get it in its best shape. Prepare it for visitors, declutter it and make it look appealing. If you receive a visitor and your property doesn’t impress, then for sure, you are still doing something wrong.

Selling your home involves preparation, good marketing and well-thought strategies. You should reach every visitor you have and make them remember the property, of course, in a good way!

selling your home

You have a bad listing description or bad shot photos

Both your photos and your description are vital to selling your home. It’s the image your visitors will see once they begin their search online. What do you have to do? Precisely this – provide what they are looking for, a dream house. How? Well, through good-quality photos and a description that will match the story. The first impression matters!

You don’t want to show your house to your audience

If you’re reluctant to show it to your visitors, why did you put it on the market? The first question that will arise in your buyer’s mind will be – ‘Is it really for sale or not?’ Considering the massive number of fake listings out there, with this type of mistake, your property will get negative feedback that can never be wiped away; don’t get into this unfortunate real estate roller coaster! It’s a trap.

You interfere too much in the selling process

You follow the buyer wherever they go while visiting the property. NO! They must feel at ease when visiting your house. They must make up their mind without your ‘help,’ and if you get in their way, the buyer might feel uncomfortable and believe you have something to hide. Try to let your emotions outside the scene, and the best advice would be – ‘Don’t be at home when you have potential buyers visiting it, let your agent do their job’. Once you’ve put the house on the market, it means you’re ready to sell it, don’t you?

You don’t let your agent do their job

Your agent is a genuine professional. Remember that! You don’t need to show them what to do to sell your property. Once you’ve hired them, then you don’t have another eight-hour job. Get this idea out of your head and take emotion out of the equation. Could you give them the keys and move on? Wait for the feedback!

You don’t want to negotiate the price

Your initial price is not the one that will remain until the end. Get this idea out of your head, and it usually does never happen. Be ready to negotiate! Put the price a little bit higher than you would typically accept. This will leave you some space for negotiation. And think about it – there are few buyers out there that will try to lower your price, at least a little bit.

You haven’t depersonalized it

It would help if you made it as easy as possible for your visitor to visualize themselves living there. For this to happen, you need to depersonalize it. Why? Well, it’s difficult for your visitor to imagine their personal touch among photos of you, personal items, and diplomas all over the place. Don’t make this mistake too, and keep in mind – the right presentation and the proper exposure are everything!

selling your home

You don’t know what improvements to make

If you don’t know what to do to improve the general appearance of your home, then ask for some professional advice. An interior designer or a landscaper will undoubtedly give you some valuable hints. Keep in mind – there is always room for improvements, irrespective of how nice your property looks.

You have extravagant tastes

An extravagant house will surely sell slower. The more familiar your home looks, the faster it will sell. How can you imagine selling a house painted in striking colors if the buyer is, let’s say, a traditionalist? Your chances will diminish drastically! Your home must appeal to a broader audience; the more extravagant your tastes are, the harder it will be for you to find a suitable buyer.

True story

Take a step back and objectively think about why you have trouble selling your property. Believe it or not, you’re doing something wrong. So, to maximize your chances to sell your property, you need to see where you are making your mistake. Is it one of the ones mentioned above?

The first thing you need to do is to find yourself a professional real estate agent. It would be best if you had a competent, experienced, and honest expert by your side. Unless you want to keep the property on the market for a long time, you don’t need to be stingy at this point. So, if you’re serious about selling your house, then emotionally detach yourself.

Overall, with just a few changes, you’ll be able to sell your property too! Good luck!

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on December 17, 2014, by Lisa Ross, and updated on June 8, 2021, by Julia E. Miller.